Responsible Development

CIRI Land Development Company (CLDC) recognizes the importance and responsibility of respecting the land, community and culture. In the development of Makahū‛ena Estates, CLDC has engaged with biologists, cultural experts, geologists, community groups, condominium representatives and neighbors, as well as county, state and federal agencies to facilitate a comprehensive approach to responsible development of the project.

CLDC received its permit from the County of Kaua‛i to construct the subdivision. As part of the permit application, CLDC conducted extensive scientific and cultural surveys to reduce impacts to the neighboring community and the environment. These include:

  • Biological Survey
  • Archeological Survey
  • Cultural Impact Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Geological Investigation
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Shoreline Survey
  • Nesting seabird mitigation
  • Balance the site to minimize import/export of material
  • Public use access via an ocean-front trail
  • Provide off-street public parking
  • Local and expert consultants to monitor ongoing impacts to neighboring property

CLDC retained Earthworks Pacific, a local civil construction expert, to be part of the project team.